Sunday, May 9, 2010

Product Review: The Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Butter

Hey! So for this month, I will do various reviews on different body butters. Today will be The Body Shop's Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Butter.

The smell of this body butter is not overwhelming. It's not my favorite, but I like it. It is thick. (Well of course, it's a body butter, duh, silly me!). When you rub it on, it is shiny and greasy. The shine will stay for maybe (at the most) 5 minutes. What I like about this butter is that it is long lasting. I placed it an hour ago, that is at around 7:45pm EST, and right now, it is 9:01pm EST. So that's a little over an hour. If you run your hand over where you rubbed it, you will still feel the product, but it is also still soft, and this body butter doesn't lose it's scent. However, if you wash your hands regularly, then of course the butter will wash off. The butter is for normal skin. I placed it on my hands and they definitely feel soft. I recommend this one. It's not my favorite, but if you have normal skin (at least your hands aren't very dry), then I would recommend it. It is $20. The price might be intimidating, especially for a body butter, but you get a lot of product and it's worth it! (It is good for skin types ranging from normal to dry!)

Product: The Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Butter
Price: $20
Rating (out of 10): 8/10
Recommend: Yes

Until next time. I will be reviewing other body butters this month too, so stay tuned. Remember to follow my blog and help me reach my goal of 50 followers before July 12! Thanks again. Have a great Sunday evening!

April Favorites

Hey! I can't believe it's May already. Sorry this is late, but I've been very busy and the internet has been acting a little strange, but nonetheless, here are my April Favorites. To be honest, I don't have a lot because I haven't had time to try anything this month. School has been very time consuming. And then I don't want to post random things I've never tried, so yeah. Hope you like it! And a review on some of my favorites will be up too! If you have any requests, inquiries, etc, feel free to email me at!

I just realized, I'm running out of time, I have to do something, so for this month, I'm just going to list the products. Sorry. But I promise May will be much better. Sorry again. ;(

-E.L.F. Studio Complexion Perfection
-Pantene Pro-V Smooth Shampoo
-E.L.F. Studio Blush in Mellow Muave
-Bath & Body Lotion in Pink Grapefruit
-Vera Wang Princess Perfume
-OraLabs Chapstick
-The Body Shop Body Butter in Vanilla Nutmeg

Sorry again for the lack of pictures. But I will compensate soon. :)
Until next time.

P.S: I will be doing a review on body butters this month! Stay tuned!!!

I Got A Blog Email!

Hey! So, if you haven't already noticed, I created a blog email. I decided that I needed one for requests or questions or just in general emails. The email is posted on the upper right hand corner, under "Contact Me." "Contact Me" is right under "Follow this blog with Bloglovin'". (For those wondering.) The email was created for the sole purpose of this blog. If you have requests, or random questions about me, or want to do a certain tag, or want me to review something, or etc, then simply email me. Please do not send me any junk mail, spam mail, forwards, or such as those will be marked as spam and immediately deleted, they will not be looked at. Other than that, feel free to email me!

Until next time.
P.S: I'm working right now on my April Favorites.
Have a nice Sunday! ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hair Items I've Purchased

So, last week, I went to purchase things for my hair. This is what I got. I'll do a review on the products soon!

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