Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend & Poly la la Land

Hey all. :D I am still debating about the look of the blog. *sigh* Gahh. My hair. I went swimming yesterday for 4 hours at the YMCA. You see it's every Sunday and my mom's friends reserved it and whatever, and I finally decided to go, even if there are only around 4-5 weeks in the session left. Well, too be honest with you, I completely forgot how to swim and I had to start with the basics. :( I took lessons for 3 years around 3 years ago, but I haven't swam since. Gahh. One of my close friends is AMAZING! She can do backstands and flips under water and what not. I'm jealous...So, my hair STILL smells like chlorine-at least to me, everyone else says it doesn't- and I took a million showers. And it feels different. It doesn't feel soft anymore. It feels wrinkly. Gahh.


I go on this great site called Polyvore ( It's a place where you can make all types of sets (fashion, interior, and/or art) in any way you want, using your imagination and creativity. You clip items from different websites and use them in your set.

Here are some of my sets:

Here are some of my friends' sets:

I can post a billion more of my friends' sets, but I'm tired. *sigh* Until next time...

Lotsa Luv

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  1. Ahhh! Why are some sets appearing twice?! Gahh. And the font changes all of a sudden. Oh well. xD


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