Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Clutch" Polyvore Contest Winners

Congrats to the 3 winners. The winners were voted by all of YOU in my group. I hope to do more of those types of contests soon!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Wore It Best?

Who Wore It Best - Katie Cassidy v. Lauren Conrad -

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This time, it's between: Katie Cassidy and Lauren Conrad.
Honestly, I think Katie wore it better. The makeup better matches the dress, and so does the hair. It also fits better on her body. What do you think? Comment below.

Leighton Meester: Album Photoshoot

Who doesn't love Leighton Meester? I came across these photos of her album photo shoot. They are gorgeous. Thought I would share. ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How To: Choose A (Spring) Scent

Hi all.

Spring. Florals and light nudes, pinks, and greys. Flowers, and cherry blossoms. What better time than to trade your warm, musky, winter scent for a light, spring one. Here are ways to help you pick a scent. Scents that are in this spring are fruity and soft.

-Smell each perfume on a fragrance blotter. Do not put more than one perfume on a blotter.
- Smell overload? Ask for something that smells strong, such as coffee beans, which most perfume stores will have. If not, bring some with you (if you know you are going to go perfume shopping.)
Smell them. If not, try smelling your sleeves.
-Once you narrow it down to a couple of perfumes, spritz on different parts of your body. "Warm spots are the best places to spray a scent because fragrance is enhanced by heat. Try the hollow of the neck, behind your ears, the inner wrists, and crooks of the knees and elbows. Avoid spraying your clothes or hair—some fragrances can stain and leave your hair greasy."
-Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes and smell, and decide which is the best.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Women Spend $13,000 Each on Makeup


I found this article very interesting. It is from yahoo. ( ).

"Supposedly the beauty industry is recession-proof. Why? Because when times are tough and ladies can't afford to splurge on a new outfit, buying a tube of lipstick or a bottle of nail polish provides a cheap thrill. And we don't know about you, but it's often difficult to go into a drugstore or walk by a Sephora without purchasing a little something. Well, a new survey has revealed that all those makeup purchases add up to big bucks over time. The results claim that woman will spend, on average, $13,000 in her lifetime. Does that number shock you, or are you already feeling pangs of guilt?

Superdrug, who conducted a survey of 3000 women, found that women begin regularly buying cosmetics by the age of 16. On average, ladies shop for makeup five times a year, spending around $39.45 on each trip. When multiplied by 65 years, the average female adult life, that brings us to a whopping $13,000. As for some specifics, they tallied around $1,620 spent on a lifetime of lipstick, $2,512 on eye shadow, and $3,446 on mascara. We refuse to believe it--we're going to start keeping track.

If these results really are true, women place a great value on makeup! The study found that 70% of women won't leave the house without applying something to her face, with 68% saying cosmetics make them feel more confident. One in five women surveyed said their boyfriends have never seen them without makeup, even in bed! OK, we get it. Makeup is important to us. But perhaps some of that $13,000 could be put to better use."

-Copied from the Yahoo! Article, link is above the article.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

"Rompers" Polyvore Contest Winners

Congrats to the 3 winners. Due to the lack of entries for this contest, which by the way, is weird. This is the only contest that had less than 100 entries. It only had 16, I have no idea why. Probably because I was so picky about the rompers. Anyway, due to the lack of entries, instead of 12 winners, there are only 3. Congrats to them!

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Superficialgirl Spring/Summer Contest


So, this is my entry for the contest. I did a Polyvore Set of something I would wear during spring in real life.

So, a very popular trend (in which I will do a blog post soon about) is shoulder (chain) bags. I love this Chanel bag. I wish it was mine. Anyway, a popular color is also this very light, pink. I've paired it with a plain white top, and a black wide belt. I then added a creme/white color cardigan with sequins for a touch of sparkle. The heels are super adorable! For accessories, there are silver bow earrings, a silver heart necklace, a creme colored flower ring, and another sequined ring.

For the makeup, you want to add a little bit of color. This can be achieved with a neutral eye on top, followed by a pop of color on the bottom. Start by your choice of foundation, concealer, and mineral booster. Apply your choice of a neutral or light brown/gold colors on the top of your eyelid. On your waterline and lower lash line, apply an olive colored eyeliner and eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush. Contour your cheeks, adding a light bronze color. For your lips, go simple by glazing with a light glitter pink color!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cool Giveaways!


No, I am NOT having my own giveaway. ( I will soon, my first giveaway will be when I get 50 followers!). I'm just compiling a list of giveaways for all of you to enter! You'll get a chance to win beauty products and bath products, etc. These are all blog giveaways. Check my list below for links I've compiled for you!



Make Up Princess

Let There Be Shopping Giveaway

Lauren's Giveaway (Paris Boutique)

The Obsessed Blog Giveaway

Hope's Giveaway

Skye's Giveaway


I'll update this along the way!

March Favorites

Hey! So today, I'll be doing a March Favorites. This is the first time I am doing it. If you don't know, the Monthly Favorites are sort of like a tag, kind of. Actually, a lot of gurus do them. It's basically when once a month, usually at the end of that month or the first couple of days of the next month, you list or talk about all your favorite items you used that month (beauty, skincare, makeup, tools, etc.). Let's begin!

1. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

I find this very good- I used it for the winter, and am still using it, for a little now. Here, March was kind of windy, so it helped. I bought this at BJ's, but I think this can also be found in drugstores for around $5.


LA Colors Sheer Lipgloss Tube in Clear
I don't really get lip products from LA Colors, or makeup from them in general. However, I decided to try. I actually like this. It is kind of sticky, but it is long lasting. The place where the lipgloss comes out is like one of those fabric type covered top, do you know what I'm saying?

3. The Body Shop Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Butter

This body butter does exactly what is says it does: soften the skin.

4. Britney Spears Curious Perfume

This is probably my only favorite "cheap" perfume. It does not compare to Daisy or Miss Dior Cherie, but I still think it smells good. It's something I could wear everyday.

5.Pantene Smooth V Sleek and Shine Shampoo

I love this shampoo so far. I recently go it, so I am going to continue experimenting with it! Hopefully it'll last. But it makes your hair very smooth and sleek. I recommend it!

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