Sunday, April 4, 2010

How To: Choose A (Spring) Scent

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Spring. Florals and light nudes, pinks, and greys. Flowers, and cherry blossoms. What better time than to trade your warm, musky, winter scent for a light, spring one. Here are ways to help you pick a scent. Scents that are in this spring are fruity and soft.

-Smell each perfume on a fragrance blotter. Do not put more than one perfume on a blotter.
- Smell overload? Ask for something that smells strong, such as coffee beans, which most perfume stores will have. If not, bring some with you (if you know you are going to go perfume shopping.)
Smell them. If not, try smelling your sleeves.
-Once you narrow it down to a couple of perfumes, spritz on different parts of your body. "Warm spots are the best places to spray a scent because fragrance is enhanced by heat. Try the hollow of the neck, behind your ears, the inner wrists, and crooks of the knees and elbows. Avoid spraying your clothes or hair—some fragrances can stain and leave your hair greasy."
-Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes and smell, and decide which is the best.

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