Saturday, December 19, 2009

Featuring from Polyvore: smile_always:)[just in weekends

As I said in the previous post earlier this morning, I would randomly select one person from the group of winners from the previous contest and feature them on my blog. I stayed true to my word, and decided to do it as early as possible, even though I have other things to do. Anyway, the last previous contest I had on Polyvore was "Winter Spirit". Of the 12 eligible contest winners, smile_always:)[just in weekends was the lucky winner! She was randomly chosen to be featured on my blog! Congrats dear! And congrats to all the "Winter Spirit" contest winners, all of you did a good job.

Featured: smile_always:)[just in weekends

smile_always:)[just in weekends is a girl from Romania, and joined Polyvore 8 months ago! She placed 6th place in the "Winter Spirit" contest, and had another entry that placed 10th.

Here are some of her sets!

Congrats! :D Check out more of her awesome sets by clicking the sets or link above. Until next time...

Lots of Love,
There's snow on the ground, Lavvy!

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