Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Product Review: Bonnebell Flip Style

Hey everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing Bonnebell Flip Style. It is a lip product. It's more like a lip stick than lip gloss. According to Bonnebell, " f´Lip Style™ has flavors and designs that fit your personal style. Glide on a hint of smooth color with shimmering shine."
"Turn heads when you apply f’Lip Style lip color. Not only will you look cool wearing it, you’ll look cool putting it on! Pretty colors, yummy smells and an awesome package! Who knew applying make-up could be so much fun."

Okay, so I bought this product awhile ago. It comes in 6 different flavors: Sweet as Strawberry pie, Chillin´ Like Vanill´in, Kiwi to My Heart, Donut You Love it, Feelin' Berry Flirty, and Watermelon You Up To.
The store I went to only had Feelin' Berry Flirty and Kiwi to My Heart. I bought Kiwi To My Heart. First of all, the packaging is very very very very very adorable! I absolutely LOVE it. There is a cool design, and there is a slider to flip the cap of the lip gloss and use it. The slider also can bring more of it, sort of like in lip stick, but instead of turning you slide. The smell is soooooooooooooooo good. Mine smells like kiwi and strawberry! I just want to bite mine and eat it. It smells very good. Not really fruity either. The pigmentation isn't the best, but isn't the worst. However, when you place it on, it feels dry, as if your lips are chapped. The color isn't exactly the way it looks. It is lighter with more shimmer. I really didn't like the feeling of it on my lips.

Product: Bonnebell Flip Style (Kiwi to my Heart)
Rating (out of 10): 5
Would I Buy it Again: No.

To see more flavors, visit: http://www.bonnebell.com/flipstyle.html

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