Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Got A Blog Email!

Hey! So, if you haven't already noticed, I created a blog email. I decided that I needed one for requests or questions or just in general emails. The email is posted on the upper right hand corner, under "Contact Me." "Contact Me" is right under "Follow this blog with Bloglovin'". (For those wondering.) The email was created for the sole purpose of this blog. If you have requests, or random questions about me, or want to do a certain tag, or want me to review something, or etc, then simply email me. Please do not send me any junk mail, spam mail, forwards, or such as those will be marked as spam and immediately deleted, they will not be looked at. Other than that, feel free to email me!

Until next time.
P.S: I'm working right now on my April Favorites.
Have a nice Sunday! ;)

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