Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate Show...

So, I was watching Unwrapped on Food Network and the episode was about chocolate. There is this New York Annual Chocolate Show that happens in November. They were featuring I think the 8th Annual Chocolate Show, and then I saw that the chocolate show has a chocolate fashion show too. And I saw this AMAZING blue dress..made COMPLETELY by chocolate. So they had the designer's name, but as I was racing to write it down, I forgot because I kept saying it over and over again, so I spent today looking for who designed it, I only had his first name that I remembered. I finally found it!
Oh, here's the Chocolateshow website if you want to view it! ;)

Here's the website where the pics of the dress are! :D

The dress is a collaboration by Robert J. Twardzik and Austin Scarlett of Project Runway Season 1. I am in awe! I can NOT believe that it is made ALL from chocolate!

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  1. That's soo Austin!! Ohh, I want some chocolate now..


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