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(PGS) Interview with JBFanChloe

Currently, we have a contest going on the forum ( called Project GirlSense, hosted by Moose (afmoose95). Contests have to create certain fashions on the awesome website based on certain challenges. The semi-finals just passed, and we are now in the finals. For the semi-finals challenge, contestants had to create an outfit inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". After the conclusion of the critiques and scores, Chloe was eliminated. I recently interviewed Chloe. Here are some of her entries for various challenges for Project GirlSense:

"Alice in Wonderland" outfit

"2100" Outfit

But first, before the interview, get to know a little more about Chloe!

Chloe loves fashion, music, and reading. She is good at matching colors and casual clothes. She likes different genres of music, including punk rock, but she just absolutely loves the Jonas Brothers, even if she's not a big fan of pop. " I do love the Jonas Brothers, but I don't really like pop that much. I guess they're just different, and that's what I love about them." She plays the clarinet and is learning to play not only the piano, but also the guitar. When she's not on the computer or listening to music, she likes to read. In fact, she states that she likes most types of books. She does hate sports though, "I'm not really a sports person, I'm terrible at every sport there is, and I don't even like to watch sports." She loves talking to people and making new friends. In fact, "...I always try to be friendly and nice, and I usually end up being great friends with that person."

I "sat down" with Chloe and asked her a few questions.


Lavvy: (1) What's your GirlSense username and how long have you been on GirlSense?

Chloe :My current account is called JBFanChloe. I had a lot of accounts before that starting in 2007.

L: (2) Why did you first join Project GirlSense?

C: Because I liked designing things in the fds, and I thought it would be fun to see how I do in a competition.

L: (3) Which challenge was your favorite? Why?

C: I liked Challenge 2, the "create a outfit for 2100" one. There are a ton of different creative things you can do for that. I also liked when we had to create an outfit with a trend from the past, it was challenging but fun.

L :(4) Which challenge was your least favorite and why?

C: I don't really have one least favorite, I didn't like the bathing suit that doubled as a dress one, because it was really challenging and hard to be creative. I also didn't really like when we had a partner and made our outfits be cohesive. It was really hard communicating, because when we say one thing, and your picturing it in your mind in can look different in someone else's mind. Plus, being cohesive was hard to make without being exactly the same.

L: (5) Which outfit, from all the ones you have created for PGS, do you like the best? Why is that?

C: Haha. I liked my 2100 outfit. I kept changing it in the beginning, and then I accidentally put a few different colored stain decos on a skirt when I only wanted 1, and it looked really futuristic. So, I cut it and it took me a few different times to get the look I wanted, and this was kind of challenging to because you couldn't use buttons. After I finished the outfit, it looked kind of plain, so I wanted something underneath it. I tried different fabrics, and then cut it and the outfit came out really nice.

L: (6) If after seeing the judges comments and score, if you were allowed to change and revise one outfit, which one would you have chosen? Why?

C: Probably the Challenge where we could only use beads, and the elegant bathing suit outfit. I could have read the challenge better, and added a lot more, and I could have created something really great, but I didn't. ):

L: Thank you for your time Chloe! You were a great designer and it was sad to see you leave. Remember, you should be proud of yourself for making it all the way to the semi-finals! That is a wonderful accomplishment. :D

C: That was kinda fun. xD Thanks. ;)

Thank you gals for reading! Please remember to visit Chloe's GirlSense boutique ( ) and check out Project GirlSense ( .
Oh, and remember to join :D Until next time....

P.S: The forum's bday party is Wednesday, August 12, 2009. Come join us for fun fun and more fun!

Lots Of Luv,

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