Thursday, August 6, 2009


I ALWAYS have trouble not only putting on mascara-but finding the RIGHT mascara. My eyelashes are long and dark, so putting mascara on them is hard. And anyone who puts mascara on me also have a hard time too. So, I was browsing Teen Vogue's website, and I found this article. I found it very benefitial. Well, I didn't find the EXACT eyeliner that matched my eyelash description. My eyleashes are long, slightly curled, and thick, NOT sparse, and all I can find that fits my description is the ones for sparse eyelashes. I might try the Laura Mercier long lash mascara - but I have to wait until October for those! - and the Covergirl lashexact. Then, I'll write my own reviews eventually! :D

Visit the link to find YOUR perfect mascara!



..And I will promise to try to post as much as I can before school starts! So expect more posts from me soon! :D Until next time...

Lots Of Luv,


  1. OMG Lavvy, My lashes are the SAME way.
    I haven't begun to wear makeup since this year, and I have no clue which mascara to use! My lashes always stick together, and it bothers me!


  2. My eyelashes are HUGEEE
    i sometimes put on like a ton of make up like just to mess around.
    I wear Colossal Mascara.
    It's from maybelline New York. It doesn't like create clots of mascara on your eyelashes. UIt looks really pretty cuz it makes your eyes pop :)


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