Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Did During Winter Break


I can't believe we start school again tomorrow. I don't want to go. *sigh* Anyway, how was your winter break? Mine, overall=fun.

On Mon. & Tues., I had no school because of the snow storm, and then Wed. I had 2 hr delay.
So, Thurs. I did nothing, and Fri. I did nothing. Saturday I went bowling with my family and friends and lost to my 7 year old brother. Fun. *eye roll* I finished in 2nd though. ;) Sunday I went to sunday school, then stayed at my friend's house the whole day with my friends. It was fun. Then Monday I went to this jumping place for a party, then Tuesday I went to the mall with my friends. It was not bad-although it was an unsuccessful trip for me fashion wise. However, I did get body spray for $2.62 at Bath & Body Works. ;) And me and my friend kept going in and out of Bare Escentuals. I should have bought that makeup remover. Oh well, next time I will. Wednesday I went to my other friend's house with my friends all day. She has Netflix (lucky) so we watched movies. And then we created videos and tutorials, and decided to have fun with makeup. We made my friend into a "Zombie Cat." It was hilarious. I put mascara all over her face. Hilarious. Then Thursday I did nothing. Attempted to do h.w. Friday I went to Virginia. It was also my dad's bday, I gave him $40. Yesterday I did h.w, and today I went to sunday school and then did h.w. Fun. How was your winter break? Until next time.

Lots of Love,

P.S: I will not be on that often during weekdays, but I'll post at least 2 times a week! Don't worry. And yes, I am working on blog layouts and templates. Adios

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